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Rotary Module 2.0 HEXA

Rotary Module 2.0 HEXA

Rotary 2.0: for big and small items
0.31 - 4.53 in Diameter range
25.98 in Maximum material length (with autofocus)

Advanced support module
You decide the angle while we ensure precision. The high-quality support module makes etching on conical objects like cordial or champagne glasses a breeze.

Skidproof rubber roller
The addition of rubber rollers to Rotary 2.0 greatly improves the stability of the object to be engraved. This improvement maximizes accuracy and guarantees a steady grip while engraving.

Rotate your imagination
Rotary 2.0 allows you to easily customize drinkware, kitchen utensils, and home decor. Infinite possibilities are now at your fingertips.

Product Size: 9.48 x 6.57 x 1.85 in
Weight: 2.65 Ibs
Maximum diameter: 4.53 in
Maximum engraving length: 25.98 in
Only works with machine: HEXA

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41x29x15 cm
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