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FLUX Ador, the world’s first color printing laser cutter.
Powered by three high-quality, interchangeable modules,
Ador enables you to engrave and cut through a wide range of
materials while enhancing your projects with a pop of color.

Product Features

✓  10W / 20W Diode Laser Module

✓  1000 DPI High Resolution

✓  400mm/s High Speed Engraving

✓  2W Infrared Laser Module Add-on
Able to engrave on metal and metal-like materials with ease.

✓  Printing Module Add-on
Utilizing color blending technology, we shift from simple single-color printing to produce vibrant multi-color effects, enhancing the vibrancy of your creations.

✓  A big working area of 430mm x 300mm

✓  Built-in From the Beginning: Effortless Auto Focus, HD Camera Preview, Air Assist

✓  40+ Premium Laser Projects Files worth $150 for Free

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